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3:41-- Gast_8087: Simply wanted to state I am just thankful that i came in your internet page!

3:41-- Gast_2742: Why?
3:42-- Gast_5540: %%

3:42-- Gast_8998: So then which TV box would you recommend?
3:42-- Gast_8201: For sure the matricom box is better for Kodi. «link»
3:42-- Gast_3879: I noticed that.... oh well
3:42-- Gast_1443: haha wow. Good comeback
3:42-- Gast_1472: They prefer here for new tech «link»
3:42-- Gast_8952: Which box? You should look at Matricom's Android TV box? «link»
3:42-- Gast_2987: Ppl prefers this site for gadgets «link»
3:42-- Gast_1438: this ANDROID box: «link» Freaking awesome Droid devices
3:43-- Gast_1756: Simmer DOWN you
3:43-- Gast_6047: I saw that.... ugh
3:43-- Gast_7314: :)
3:43-- Gast_8170: If you're looking for a tool that runs Android as well as Kodi, there's plenty of alternatives below as well. That couldn't be more accurate than with choosing the ideal Kodi box.
3:43-- Gast_4628: I can't stand my Fire TV. I rather have Matricom's G-Box for sure.
3:43-- Gast_8469: I'll meet the expense of for them.
3:43-- Gast_3590: Yall be chatting too damn much
3:44-- Gast_9713: Very technical stuff!
3:44-- Gast_7224: quiet down you
3:44-- Gast_2757: look at the blogs are educational «link»
3:44-- Gast_5239: what are you doing
3:44-- Gast_8025: Eww the Amazon Fire Stick totalllly licks donkey nuts
3:44-- Gast_2891: definitelllly the matricom box is much better for Kodi. «link»
3:44-- Gast_1715: The News stories «link» Tech stories.
3:44-- Gast_1188: Check out the article regarding Android apps that I was talking about «link»
3:44-- Gast_2898: Pretty magical stuff!
3:44-- Gast_3526: Thefuture is pretty cool. Check it out for yourself «link»
3:44-- Gast_7271: this one has Music news «link»
3:45-- Gast_9015: So so which device would you choose?
3:45-- Gast_1166: Pretty technical stuff!
3:45-- Gast_4822: I'll find the money for for them.
3:45-- Gast_5604: Forreal my God! Surprised you guys is trying to converse in this site
3:45-- Gast_7135: This is the blog about Android I was talking about «link»
3:45-- Gast_2168: You ppl be chatting too much
3:45-- Gast_4746: Thefuture looks cool. Here's where I found it «link»


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)